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Community engagement is the process of active participation and involvement that promotes relationship-building through listening, sharing, caring, learning, action, and the expression of community members’ lived experiences, needs and values. Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, people across the world have rallied together to help one another. Among these, many refugees are helping their communities and giving back.

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Together, young people are standing up and fighting for a world free of poverty, racism, sexism, ableism and all forms of violence, inequality and discrimination. With great courage and resilience, young LGBTIQ+ people are leading change and standing up for a future that is safe, respectful, empowering and celebrates the beautiful diversity of humankind. A world where each and every one of us is free to be who we are and love whom we choose. Together, all of us can make this future a reality – when LGBTIQ+ #YouthLead, anything is possible!



Towards togetherness and community building bridges, not distances "Foreverland” festival, an all-day event engaged children from different communities in various activities proving in practice that we can all play, learn and live together. Furthermore, the design of a mural in cooperation with the artist Sotiris Fokeas and “Collectif Mazi”, an art collective initiated by refugees highlighted that Thessaloniki is a city where refugees and locals can live and create together while stressing the importance of equal access to healthcare and treatment for everyone.

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Generation Z is rising quickly and already becoming a strong influence in daily life all around the globe. While this influence is growing, the negative impact of COVID-19 is currently impacting them heavily when it comes to their personal development, social participation and future. Through digital optimism and connected technologies, GenZ can grow, follow their passions, interests and talents. 

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