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New dedicated migrant bus route prompts outrage in Greece. Evangelos Papadakis, a Public Information Officer in UNHCR’s Thessaloniki branch says they expect the new bus will benefit the residents in the area, but they will remain skeptical until its exact route and the particulars of accessibility to all are announced.

The young queer poet and activist who is currently running the UN's LGBTIQ+ campaign talks about their poetic composition "meraklina|kouikibiberissa|obladi" and proposes grafting (queering) as a way of life and expression.

[...] But this eccentric and eccentral book is first and foremost poetry that bursts the joints of your tongue and hammers your frontal lobe, screaming.

Strange, provocative, beyond any normative field, against anything that is plain and pleasant, reassuring and routine, queer is defined by Evá Papadakis as a way of living. In the more than eighty poems in the collection, every gender certainty is challenged through an extremely subversive way at all levels of expression.

Papadakis puts forward a demand for the reactivation of the queer as a social dynamic and not a render: his art offers a foretaste of the (socio-aesthetically) imminent, not by denying (hetero-)aligned time, but by undermining it through the performative discourse of this poetry collection.

About 200 proponents of the bill had gathered outside the parliament building during the vote. Two activists in clerical outfits kissed in front of Athens' Metropolitan Church, to protest the Orthodox Church's rejection of same-sex civil unions.

Gay rights activists dressed as Greek Orthodox priests kiss during a protest against homophobia outside Athens Cathedral.

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